5 things to know for NFMS Pre-Registration

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Pre-registration might be the perfect way to streamline your National Farm Machinery Show experience. At this year’s show, we’ve implemented an optional new way for farmers and exhibitors to network and do business. Multiple advantages are available if you choose to pre-register for this year’s show, and we are going to look at five things you should know to see if pre-registration is right for you.

  1. Pre-register and be entered into raffles for a chance to win select prizes. Prizes include a Bobcat mower, a John Deere Gator and Milwaukee tools to help with the daily upkeep of your farm.
  2. Connect with exhibitors by a simple tap of your badge. Network and exchange contact information by tapping your badge into an exhibitor’s QR code scanner. Your contact information will be shared with the exhibitor and they will be able get in touch through the information you have given at registration.
  3. Pre-registration saves time. You won’t have to wait in line to get into the show. Instead, walk up to the pre-registration desk, say your name, get your badge printed and walk into the show.
  4. Pre-registration is optional. If you’re doing business at the show and want to know more about the products on display, then pre-registration is perfect for you. If you are at the show to look around, shop and have fun, then pre-registration is not necessary for your experience.
  5. There will be pre-registration booths located at all seven designated entrances of the show as well as a few in the North Wing Lobby and South Wing A Lobby.

By pre-registering for the show, we can generate an idea for what the future of the farm show can look like. Pre-registration allows us to see what products and exhibitors are the most popular among guests. This allows us to gauge the interests, and plan for seminars that cater to our guest’s needs for future farm shows.

Disclaimer – Don’t worry about junk mail when registering. We will only send relevant details and information about the show. If you don’t like what you see, you can opt-out of future emails by clicking opt-out at the bottom of your email.

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