New Products at #NFMS20


New Maestro SV planter
For spring, Horsch is launching the new Maestro SV row crop planter in North America. Featuring 12- and 16-row planters with 30-inch spacing, the machines are being engineered and built in the company’s Mapleton, N.D., facility. The Maestro SV comes standard with hydraulic down pressure and a weight transfer system that takes the weight of the chassis and distributes it across the toolbar. The AutoForce system, which regulates downforce automatically, is optional. The machine has a three-section toolbar that flexes 25 degrees up and 22 degrees down. And each unit features the Horsch electric meter drives. Go online to
Visit Exhibit 8254.

Great Plains Manufacturing

New hybrid tillage tool
Great Plains is rolling out the Velocity hybrid tillage tool designed to bury more residue than a true vertical tillage tool like the Turbo-Max, but with shallow-concavity SpeedBlades on 7.5-inch spacing. The Velocity runs faster than a disk harrow, and is designed to out-cut and out-finish competitive low-concavity, high-speed disks often marketed as tillage tools. Learn more at Visit Exhibit 7023.


New 12-ton spreaders
Loftness Specialized Equipment is rolling out the FB1210 12-ton fertilizer spreader and the L1230 12-ton lime and fertilizer spreader to its FertiLogix line of products. The spreaders are variable-rate ready, with hydraulic-driven conveyors and spinners for precision application. Both models feature dual stainless-steel spinners for a consistent spread pattern, 409 stainless steel hoppers with 50-degree slopes, minimal flat surfaces, and no internal gussets or plates to accumulate material. The FB1210 spreader offers a 40- to 90-foot spread. The L1230 lime spreader features a 24-inch belt-over-chain conveyer design for handling lime, but can also be used for fertilizer applications. It offers a 20- to 60-foot spread with lime and a 40- to 90-foot spread with fertilizer. Learn more at Visit Exhibit 3138.


New auger system
The new EP Auger System from Danuser can be used in a number of ways by farmers, ranchers, contractors, municipalities and rental stores. The auger features a planetary gear drive and a motor rated to 3,500 psi, which is the actual output torque. The planetary also features easily accessible check-and-fill plugs for quick maintenance. The output spindle is manufactured as a single piece, allowing the company to offer a lifetime warranty covering output spindle pullout. The machine comes with a five-year warranty. Learn more at Visit Exhibit 4480.

Central City Scale

New moisture sensor
Put your grain cart to more precise use with the Libra Cart App from Central City Scale. The app wirelessly connects to a Bluetooth moisture sensor and pulls moisture readings into the Libra Cart App. The system can calculate shrink, which saves time on paperwork. Learn more from Visit Exhibit 6204.

Bale Band-It

Boosting baling productivity

Bale Band-it has made a name for itself with its bale banding technology that allows for easier handling of small square bales. The new model can boost productivity with the 42-bale bundle made possible by the new HD Twin 40 baler. They system packages up to 1,000 bales per hour in a new format. The Bale Band-It 200 can handle 21 or 42 bales at a time, and can help maximize use of the small square baler. The system offers a range of benefits from better storage to increased leaf retention. Learn more at Visit Exhibit 2548.

Duck Foot Parts

Expanding the product line
Launched at the National Farm Machinery Show in 2019, Duck Foot Parts is expanding its line of slipover paddle tines to fit John Deere 6 Series and Hart Carter reels. The part slides over the existing tines and attaches to the reel pipe. The Duck Foot helps grain clear the cutter bar, decreases header loss and improves yield in specialty crops and in thin, short crops. It also includes a new feature — a reusable fastening clip. Learn more at Visit Exhibit 7960.

Jet Co.

New grain hopper trailer
Jet Co. is introducing an aluminum grain hopper trailer to its product line. The unit features a double-wall, smooth-side design that minimizes rivets, exterior ribs and corrugations in the sidewall to form a sleek, aerodynamic design. The trailer is engineered for both farm and highway usage, and offers a lightweight, but strong design. The trailer has a range of standard features, including the patented hopper door with self-cleaning rollers. The high-clearance door cranks minimize straining and bending when opening the hopper door. The high gloss powder coat paint provides a long-lasting durable exterior finish. A range of standard trailer lengths and sidewall heights are available. Learn more at Visit Exhibit 2325.


High-capacity bin unloading
GSI will feature its new Under-bin Chain Conveyor with high-capacity bin unloading and improved durability. The system is also gentler on grain than auger unloaders. Unlike similar conveyors that require field modifications during installation, the new GSI system comes with intermedia and center wells fully installed from the factory for faster and more accurate assembly. The conveyor also features the same Dodge bearings and drives as GSI’s full line of material handling equipment. The new line of conveyors is designed for compatibility with bins from 15- to 72-feet in diameter, and fits under any standard 17-inch plenum height aeration floor. Learn more at Visit Exhibit 7801.

Kinze Manufacturing

New planter and tillage tools
Kinze Manufacturing is launching new planter and tillage products at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show. The new advanced planter technology delivers precise singulation and seed spacing with various seed shapes and sizes. The display includes planter enhancements and new additions to Kinze’s Mach Till hybrid horizontal tillage product line. For more information, see Visit Exhibit 4499.


Real-time spot-spray system
Trimble is building on more than 25 years of experience with the WeedSeeker 2 spot-spray system that provides up to 90% savings in input costs when targeting and treating herbicideresistant weeds. The system can sense individual weeds in the field and target them with a localized dose of herbicide. WeedSeeker relies on intelligent sensors to save time in the field by eliminating system recalibration. The sensors automatically adjust on the run to changing temperature, ambient light and varied backgrounds like soil or stubble for accurate spraying. Th e sensors also know the speed and position of the sprayer boom. Learn more at Visit Exhibit 4072.

Kentucky Soybean Association

Putting soybeans to work
Kentucky Soybean Association farmer-leaders Tim Thomas and Dennis Clark say a new Goodyear tire offers a benefit to soybean growers. The Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady passenger tires have replaced petroleum in their formulation with soybean oil. You can learn more about the new uses for soybeans at kysoy. org. Visit Exhibit 3186.

Titan International

Expanding flagship tire line
Titan International recently expanded its Goodyear Optitrac line, which is now available in every size to meet front and rear needs for every mechanical front-drive row crop configuration. The line features a 45-degree, multi-angle pattern with more overlap in lugs toward the center. That design results in better ride quality, less vibration and faster road speeds, while maintaining traction and side-hill stability in the field. The Optitrac line also features a larger footprint than many R-1W lines for added traction and reduced compaction. Learn more at Visit Exhibit 4084.


Metal Bucket elevator support towers
Honeyville Metal is engineering and fabricating heavy-duty structural support towers for supporting one, two or more bucket elevators. Tower legs are square-tube construction with eight bold connector plates jigwelded to ensure accuracy and reduce labor during field assembly. All parts are hotdip galvanized, including optional switchback stairways, ladders and service platforms. The company offers the new Model 7230C Catwalk (Conveyor Support) Structure at 72 inches with a 24-inch walkway and 30-inch bridge truss system for up to 60-foot spans. Learn more at See Exhibit 6812.

Kuchar Combine

Performance High-productivity concaves
The new Kuchar Progress Concaves progress in width for better separation and work to eliminate rotor loss. The product lets you run wider with more rotor speed. It also eliminates buildup in the concave to increase capacity, create a cleaner sample in the bin and reduce grain on the ground. A set of Kuchar Concaves has 672 square inches more opening in the thrash and separation area then standard John Deere original equipment concaves. Kuchar Progress Concaves are also made for Case IH, New Holland and Massey Ferguson combines. See kuchar Visit Exhibit 2136.

Shur-Co LLC

New auger kit
Add the DriveMaxx auger drive kit to swing-away hoppers to complete a Smartrailer lineup. The DriveMaxx features a two-wheel, dual-motor drive offering 220 pound-feet of torque per motor and all operated using ShurCo Smart remotes. Direct-drive motors are designed with right-angle rear drives and no chains or chain tensioners. The system has an aggressive tire tread. The sealed Smartwire connections and receiver box, and completely enclosed gearboxes provide watertight reliability. The kit also includes a pushbutton LiteAll LED floodlight with a magnetic base for easier, more adaptable mounting. Learn more at shurco. com. Visit Exhibit 6908.


Precision Manufacturing

New grapple for compact tractors
The Mini Grapple Rake is designed for tractors at 40 hp and under. The unit is 57 inches wide and weighs 250 pounds. The grapple opening is 36 inches, and the unit comes fully plumbed and has universal quick-attach brackets and John Deere brackets. The unit is available with a single grapple the width of the rake or with double grapples to clamp down on uneven loads. Learn more at Visit Exhibit 3386.

New monitor
The New Sensor-1 Monitor is designed to simplify and innovate planting. It features the capability to monitor one to 1,278 rows. The unit also works with air carts, fertilizer spreaders, anhydrous bars and grain drills. Learn more at Visit Exhibit 6218.

Woods Equipment

New backhoes
The new Woods BH85 and BH100 Groundbreaker backhoes were designed after months of research with operators. The machines feature 4,600 pounds of digging force, rugged buckets and a long reach for more digging in less time. Sawtooth edges add versatility. The units have a two-year limited warranty that also covers the tractor. See to learn more. Visit Exhibit 8218.

Midwest Super Cub Inc.

New half-scale tractor
The 4020 John Deere half-scale tractor is complete. Midwest Super Cub has been showing progress photos, and the machine will be on display at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show. The 4020 Wheatland JD is designed for use in parades and is built with a stock three-cylinder diesel motor. Tires are half the size of the original tractor, but some of the tractor parts come from a 4020; visitors will have to see if they can tell original from fabricated. Any profits from the sale of this tractor at the Mecum Auction will be donated to the FFA chapter of the buyer’s choice. Learn more about it at Visit Exhibit 3801.

1st Choice Seeds

Top-quality seed offered
1st Choice Seeds is a growing independent seed company serving farmers in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and other Eastern states. The company offers hybrid seed corn, soybean seed, private label seed wheat and cover crop seed. The company is a business partner for farmers focused on raising the most bushels per acre. Learn more at Visit Exhibit 7353.


More information about new products is available in the show guide.

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