Saturday Pull Preview 19

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7,500lb 4×4 Super Stock Diesel Trucks

Only the best 4X4 Diesel drivers dare to compete in Freedom Hall. The chilly temperatures can create a unique challenge for diesel trucks, a balancing act to get the engine warm enough without running out of the time allotted. Last year’s unseasonably warm weather led to a six-truck pull-off after half the competitors made their way to the beach. Three of those competitors are back, including second-place finisher Brion Withrow, sixth place finisher Carl Atley and third place finisher Kent Crowder who went on to finish second in the Lucas Oil PPL Champions Tour.

Keep an eye on Josh Stahl driving Thicker ‘N’ Blood. He won back-to-back Badger State Tractor Pullers Association championships and pulled to an impressive six first place finishes last year.


8,500lb Light Pro Stock Tractors

Representing a dozen different point races, the Saturday afternoon 8,500 lb. Light Pro Stock is a must-watch event. Last year’s Grand Champion Kendell Beasley driving Hi-Gear Harvester is back – he went on to finish second in the Lucas Oil PPL Carolina Pullers. He’ll face off again with Ron Beasley, the Lucas Oil PPL Carolina Pullers winner who also won the NTPA Region 4 points race.

The list of talent continues: Collin Birkhoz (NTPA Region 3), Gregg Ferringer (USA East and Power Pullers Production), Trent Grimes (Lucas Oil PPL Western), Matthew Meadows (Lucas Oil PPL Midwest), Jeff Mikloiche (North and South Interstate Pullers), Lee Overmyer (Indiana Pulling League), Alan Paulson (Badger State) and Wes Spencer (NTPA Region 2). It’s rare to see this many champions under one roof.


6,400 Lightweight Super Stock Alcohol Tractors

Top talent makes up the 6,400 lb. Lightweight Super Stock Alcohol Tractor class on Saturday afternoon. Last year’s winner Jacob Fuqua is back behind the wheel of Tennessee Tracks and looking for another title. The always-competitive Terry Blackbourn with his powerful machine Considered Armed & Dangerous won titles in 2016 and 2017. It’s hard to believe he has room for more trophies.

Plenty of capable pullers stand in his way. Glen Frese Jr., the Outlaws Truck and Tractor Pulling Association champion, hopes to drive his tractor Red Ink into the beach of Freedom Hall. Roy Metz, with his aptly named tractor Git-R-Done, is hoping to do just that after winning the Lucas Oil PPL Champions Tour. Henry Everman with Forced Decision finished first in the Empire State Pullers. Rounding out the competition is Brice Terry and Too Hy-Strung, the Lucas Oil PPL Western Series winner.


10,200lb Pro Stock Tractors

With only a few hours to make adjustments or fix broken tractors, pulling on Saturday afternoon and advancing to the finals Saturday evening requires talent, team work and a little bit of luck. The drivers fortunate enough to advance from the Saturday Pro Stock Tractor class have to be ready.

Mark Lawyer driving Rapped Up with Vengeance made it to the finals last year and finished ninth. During the season he placed second in the NTPA Grand Nationals with three first place finishes. Another runner-up looking for a title, Josh Martin is hoping to drive Think Green into the finals. Martin finished second in the Lucas Oil PPL East Coast Pulling Series. Paul Stone is another driver coming off a good season, finishing third in the Lucas Oil PPL Midwest Region, who’s hungry to start 2019 with a victory.